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Core technology of Flourish in fruit processing industry

Machine Vision Image Detection Technology

It adopts the CCD camera capturing the images of the detected fruit, detects the fruit feature such as size, shape, color, defects by image processing techniques and automatically grades fruit according to these features. This technology can promote the additional value of fruit and vegetable products, and reduce safety risk of food industry. Machine vision technology is also successfully applied in Flourish machines include apple optical grader, citrus optical grader, date optical grader, etc.


Automatic full circle sectional drying technology

Our drying technology is suitable for drying agriculture products which require good flavor and product quality after drying. It is suitable for dying agriculture products to low moisture content without coking and gelatinization. This technology has gained invention patent. And it plays an optimal utility for hot air drying technology. It can dry the products to the high quality close to vacuum freeze drying, enhance products additional value and reduce the processing costs. 

Flourish drying technology contains automatic circle drying technology, sectional drying technology, automatic constant temperature and humidification technology. Automatic circle drying technology can make the material continuous circulation dry in dryer to required product status, so the different batches of material moisture and quality can reach the uniform standard. Sectional drying technology can control temperature, humidity and time in the drying process, meet the requirements of material drying at different stages, ensure product quality. Automatic constant temperature and humidification technology can make the low moisture material rehydration in drying. This technology is also successfully applied in Flourish drying machine.

Low temperature high efficiency concentration and evaporation technology

It can evaporate the moisture of fruit juice at the low temperature and vacuum status with short time and high efficiency, which can maintain the maximum original nutrition and aroma. It solves the difficult problem of evaporating thermal sensitive material, such as carrot juice. Multiple effects and bodies combined together, making full use of the heat energy of secondary steam which can save energy. We can recover the aroma to process aroma products by extracting aroma technology which has gained the invention patent. This technology is also successfully applied in Flourish multiple effects falling film evaporators. 

DCS technology

It is known as distributed control system or 4C technology which contains control technology, computer technology, communication technology and display technology; DCS is the automatic control system which can use the multiple computers to control multiple control circuit, besides, it can realize centralized data, centralized management and centralized control. The customer can obtain the uniform product, improve corporate identity, get government fund support, reduce labor and management cost by our DCS technology. This technology is also successfully applied in Flourish dates processing plant, citrus processing plant, carrot processing plant, apple processing plant, etc.

Core competence

High quality fruit processing equipment + professional technical service= customized complete sets of projects turn-key solution.


Flourish provide the preliminary plant planning, process technology design, equipment selection for our customers by means of strong research capability and rich industry experience and communicate with the customers to determine the final plan for their plant. 

Flourish has 15000M2 standard factory building, more than 20 sets of advanced production equipments such as laser cutting machine, digital control processing center. With perfect production management system it can ensure the equipment we manufacturing on-time with high quality.

Flourish has a professional installation and commission team which can ensure the equipment installed and tested successfully according to the project schedule.

Flourish engineers on-site train the operators and the production managers of customer in the installation and commission process; Flourish training engineers will hold the training sessions to train client’s engineer intensively.

Finally, we hand over the turn-key project including equipment, accessories, equipment instructions book to customer and complete turn-key project.

Scientific research achievements

Flourish have undertaken the Technology Innovation Fund Projects of SMEs of the Ministry of Science & Technology, the Spark Programs of the Ministry of Science & Technology, the Jiangsu Provincial Agricultural S&T Support Projects, the National Development and Reform Commission High-tech Projects and Jiangsu Provincial Talent Introduction Projects. 

Flourish has one award of National Important New Product, 12 awards of High-tech Products;

Flourish owned more than 80 national patents which contain 15 invention patents;

Flourish has 8 prizes of S & T achievements are awarded international advanced level;

Flourish got 5 prizes of Provincial Technological Progress Prizes;

Flourish owned more than 60 Enterprise Standard records. 

Invention patents

Enterprise Standard records

Spark Programs of the Ministry of Science & Technology

Scientific research cooperation

Flourish university-industry cooperation

Flourish cooperates with many universities and institutes such as Southeast University, Hefei University of Technology, Jiangsu University, Fujian University. This cooperation can establish the wholesome mechanism for sharing the innovation resources, develop university innovation superiority. We acquire the better cooperative effect in the aspects of instrument application, project demonstration, document retrieval. Moreover, we cultivate the independent innovation talents during the time of developing issues.

Scientific research platform

Research Platform 1


Jiangsu Province Fruit and Vegetable Processing Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center

Research Platform 2


Jiangsu Province Enterprise Postgraduate Service Station