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Citrus processing


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China factory diretly sell best quality citrus juice processing equipment manufacturer for wholesale

Product name: Citrus processing


Features: good price, stable performance

Price: negotiable

Application:orange, citrus

Clients: supplier/manufacturer/company /factory/distributor/agent/final user

Mini Quantity: 1

Supply Ability: within 3months against deposit 

Port: Yangzhou/Shanghai

Payment Terms: T/T, L/C 

Marketing Area: Middle East/ Africa/Asia/South America/Europe/North America

Products Description:

Flourish is fruit processing equipment excellent manufactruer which is specialized in citrus processing equipment. Our citrus processing line include citrus storage bin, citrus brush washer, citrus oil extractor, citrus extractor, juice finisher, citrus juice evaporator, juice aseptic sterilizer, juice aseptic filler and control system. Any of Flourish orange processing equipment can run stably and meet the highest food machinery standards. No matter you want to process concentrate orange juice, NFC or jam. Flourish can provide you a complete highest cost-effective & turn-key citrus processing plants as well as single machine to meet your requirement.

citrus processing equipment.jpg

Citrus storage bin

citrus storage bin.jpg fruit storage bin.jpg

The citrus storage bin can ensure the whole citrus fruit production line no-stop run and adjust capacity conveniently. The orange is pulled from the orange storage bin into orange brush washer. After washing, oil extracting, grading, the orange will be transported to Flourish citrus juice extractor for juicing.        

Citrus brush washer and citrus roller grader

citrus brush washer.jpg citrus roller conveyor.jpg

We use citrus brush washer to remove the dirt from the citrus, ensuring the quality for juicing. The clear orange will be conveyed to citrus roller grader. The citrus roller grader can remove the impurities (by means of gaps between rollers), meanwhile it can flat lay the raw material. Small quantity of workers can sort a few impurities making use of the workable platform in the roller grader.

Citrus oil extractor

citrus oil extractor.jpg citrus oil extracting equipment.jpg

The citrus oil is an expensive resource. We use the orange oil extractor to extract the citrus oil in the citrus processing line.       

Citrus sizer

citrus sizing machine.jpg citrus sizer.jpg

Before extracting the orange juice, we use a accurately sizer to size the orange, then different orange transported to different orange juice extractor.       

Citrus juice extractor

citrus juice extractor.jpg orange juice extractor.jpg 

Flourish industrial citrus juicer with high efficiency, low bitterness and fine quality can separate four different products of fruit juice, fruit peel, seed nuclei capsule dressing and oil water mixture. This industrial orange juice extracting machine is a best choice to process not-from-concentrate (NFC) and for fresh juice.           

Citrus juice finisher

citrus juice finisher.jpg juice finisher.jpg

After juicing, we use citrus juice finisher to refine the juice. Our juice finisher can separate juice from pulp and frit from the oil water emulsion.          

Citrus juice tank 

orange juice tank.jpg citrus juice tank.jpg

Storage juice in citrus production line.

Juice concentration

      citrus juice evaporator.jpg              juice evaporator.jpg

Flourish low temperature short time falling film evaporators are specialized in the evaporation and concentration of heat sensitivity, high sugar and high aroma preservation requirements material. This series falling film evaporators can recover the aroma with patent technology.

Tubular sterilizer, aseptic filler, automatic control system

tubular sterilizer.jpg sterilizer.jpg

aseptic filler.jpg filler.jpg

citrus processing.jpg

Depending on the final product, juice can be refrigerated, sterilized. We have many filling ways such as big barrel aseptic bag and BIB.

Citrus Processing inflow chart


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