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Apple and pear processing


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China Factory Directly Sell Best Apple Processing Equipment Manufacturer For Wholesale

Product name: Apple and pear processing


Features: good price, stable performance

Price: negotiable


Clients: supplier/manufacturer/company /factory/distributor/agent/final user 

Mini Quantity: 1

Supply Ability: within 3months against deposit 

Port: Yangzhou/shanghai

Payment Terms: T/T, L/C 

Marketing Area: Middle East/ Africa/Asia/South America/Europe/North America

Products Description:  

Flourish is apple processing equipment supplier. We can provide apple processing equipment and whole apple processing line for concentrate apple juice, cloudy  apple juice, clear apple juice, fresh apple juice. Our apple production line include apple bubble washer, apple brush washer, apple sorting system, apple chopper, apple juice extractor, ultra-filtration, decolorization, apple juice evaporator, apple juice aseptic sterilizer, apple juice aseptic filler and control system. Apple is time-sensitive, in a high volume apple processing plant, efficient, reliable equipment is a must. Find best apple processing equipment in Flourish.

apple processing plant.jpg

Apple juice is one of the most popular juice in most place, China has produced the most part of apple juice in the world. As a leader in apple processing machinery supplier, Flourish has built lots of apple processing plant in China, India, Russia, the largest apple juice processing plant has the capacity to process up to 120t/h of apples. 

Fruit pre-processing

apple processing equipment.jpg  apple washer.jpg  

In apple production line, we can storage apple in bin, basin, case. In apple pre-processing step, we use fruit elevator to feed the material in fruit washer, which can clear the apple effectively and quickly. Few workers sort the impurities from apple material with sorting station.

Fruit chopper and fruit crusher

fruit crusher.jpg  apple chopper.jpg  

fruit chopper.jpg  fruit crushing machine.jpg    

The cleared and sorted apple will be conveyed to apple chopper. Apple chopper is a key product in apple juice processing line, which can affect the juicing effect.

Apple pulp tank

pulp tank.jpg  apple pulp tank.jpg

The chopped apple will be heated by tubular heater before storing in pulp tank.

Apple juice extractor 

fruit belt press.jpg  belt filter.jpg

apple belt press.jpg  fruit belt filter.jpg

In juice extracting part, apple belt press is the best juice extractor for apple. Flourish apple belt press use high strength roller to ensure high juice yield.

Enzymatic tank and ultra-filtration system

enzymatic tank.jpg  ultra-filtration.jpg ultra-filtration system.jpg  ultra-filtration tank.jpg     

Depending on the final product, we can transport apple juice to Enzymatic tank and ultra-filtration system to get clear apple juice.

Decoloration and juice evaporator 

decoloration.jpg  decoloration tank.jpg    

apple juice evaporator.jpg          aroma recovery equipment.jpg

The clear apple juice should be decolorized before transport into juice evaporator. Because of the large capacity of apple juice, some apple juice production line use the aroma recovery equipment to guarantee the quality of the apple juice.

Plate sterilizer

plate sterilier.jpg

Usually, we choose plate sterilizer to sterilize the apple juice, then filling.        

Same technology applies to pear processing line.

Apple processing inflow chart


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