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Yangzhou Flourish Fruit and Vegetable Juice Machines Co., Ltd.
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About us

Flourish is fruit processing machinery manufacturer. We are specialist in fruit processing equipment. Our company located in Yangzhou, China, which is established in 2004.

Our fruit processing equipment include citrus juice extractor, belt press juicer, steam peeler, fruit drying machine, fruit washing machine, fruit pulping machine, fruit chopping machine, juice evaporator, juice filling machine, fruit size grader, date and small round fruit photo-electric grader, orange photo- electronic grader, apple photo-electric grader, etc.

Company Advantage: Flourish has 15000standard factory building, more than 20 sets of advanced production equipments such as laser cutting machine, CNC machine center, CNC plate bending machine and CNC punching machine. With perfect production management system it can ensure the fruit processing equipment we manufacturing on-time with high quality. 

Flourish has a professional installation and commission team which can ensure the equipment installed and tested successfully according to the project schedule. 

Flourish engineers on-site train the operators and the production managers of customer in the installation and commission process; Flourish training engineers will hold the training sessions to train client’s engineer intensively. 

Finally, we hand over the turn-key project including equipment, accessories, equipment instructions book to customer and complete turn-key project. 

Flourish has four key technologies and hundreds of products which cover all links of customer complete sets of fruit production line: 

Machine vision-detection grading technology transformation ability; 

Automatic circle sectional drying technology transformation ability; 

Low temperature high efficiency concentration and evaporation transformation technology; 

DCS transformation ability. 


Flourish Shatou Factory District

Flourish guazhou Factory District

Brand Culture


Corporate mission

Build international brand, and provide full technical solution for fruit and vegetable products.

Corporate vision

Worldwide fruit and vegetable products processing equipment excellent manufacturer.


Corporate goal

Provide top quality processing equipment for the customers in the field of fruit and vegetable products processing.


Corporate core values

Improve customer's value with innovation, going forward joined together with clients;

Create an excellent platform for employees to create personal values;

Pursuit of quality detail and perfection;



Flourish History  

2004.04 Yangzhou Flourish Fruit and Vegetable juice machines co,. Ltd. founded;

2005.04 Flourish was named as "Yangzhou High and New Technology Enterprise" by Yangzhou Science and Technology Bureau; 

2006.06 "Full automation fruit grader" has obtained the prize of "Scientific M&S Enterprise Technology Innovation Fund Project"; 

2006.08 "Machine vision fruit grader" and "Belt press juicer" have passed through Jiangsu province Science and Technology Achievement Authentication; 

2007.12 "Apple opto-electronic grader" has got the prize of "Jiangsu Science and Technology Progress Third Prize"; 

2007.12 "Apple opto-electronic grader" has been identified as "National key new product" and "Jiangsu Provincial High and New Technology Product"; 

2008.07 Flourish has gained the prize as "Jiangsu TOP100 High Growth of Technology Enterprises";

2008.10 Flourish has gained the prize as "National High and New Technology Enterprise"

2008.11 Flourish has gained "Jiangsu Agricultural S&T Enterprise";

2009.01 Flourish obtained ISO9001 quality system certificate;

2009.12 Flourish has recognized as "Yangzhou Research Centre for Fruit & Vegetable Processing Equipment";

2009.12 "ZCZW5 high efficiency cup type citrus juice extractor has gained "High and New Technology Product Authentication;

2010.08 Flourish has obtained the title as "Jiangsu Provincial Innovative Enterprise";

2011.06 Flourish has gained the title as "Jiangsu Private Owned S&T Enterprise";

2011.09 Flourish has gained the certificate of "High and New Technology Enterprise";

2012.05 Flourish has obtained "Jiangsu province Enterprise Post-graduate Working Station";

2012.07 Full automation citrus cup type juice extractor has got "Scientific M&S Technology Innovation Fund Key Project"; 

2012.12 Intelligent machine vision online inspection and detection system has gained "Yangzhou Science and Technology Breakthrough Project"; 

2012.12 Flourish's R & D Center has been identified as "Jiangsu (Flourish) fruit and vegetable processing equipment engineering technology research center"; 

2012.12 "RQZW1500*25 fruit drying equipment" was identified as "Jiangsu First Set of Important Equipment and Key Component"; 

2013.05 "Stirring type fruit washing machine" has got the certificate of "High and New Technology Product Authentication"; 


Company honor

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Provincial High and New Technology EnterpriseJiangsu Private Owned Science and Technology Enterprise

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Jiangsu Agriculture Science and Technology EnterpriseJiangsu Enterprise Postgraduate Student Working Station

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Jiangsu TOP100 High-Growth of Technology Enterprise

Scientific M&S Enterprise Technology Innovation Fund

Project Approval Certificate

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Jiangsu Egg Industry Association Council MemberJiangsu Science and Technology Progress Third Prize

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